Seriously the best vegan pizza. (at Paulie Gee’s)

On Depression & Getting Help


This was originally posted February 26, 2010.

I deal with suicidal, unipolar depression and I take medication daily to treat it. Over the past seven years, I’ve had two episodes that were severe and during which I thought almost exclusively of suicide. I did not eat much and lost weight during…

We will miss you, RW.

⛅️ (at Greenpoint Historic District)

#dadcore (at Knitting Factory Brooklyn)

at Europa Night Club


Ceramic 3D Printer

Artist Jonathan Keep has put together a 3D printer to produce digital objects out of clay, and has put together a document to build one:

Based on the delta type of 3D printer my aim has been to use parts that can either be made with basic DIY tools and skills, or ordered off the internet. The design is specifically for printing in clay but could be adapted to work with other materials. Many other self build 3D printers use parts printed in plastic but with this project I did not want to be reliant on already having access to a 3D printer.

More Here

Looking at Jonathan’s website (in particular the ‘Digital Pots' section), you will see various series based on various ideas. There is the Random Growth of generative forms, Sound Surface based on musical audio data, and other computational methods.

More examples of work can be found here

This is very cool

Chain and the gang; you won’t find them at Home Depot. (at Baby’s All Right)

Happy bday @nilteaberry (at Zombie Hut)

Preparing my next sacrificial offering to NYC.