Happy bday @nilteaberry (at Zombie Hut)

Preparing my next sacrificial offering to NYC.

Decisions… (at Giglio Festival, Williamsburg)

Friendly reminder from the good folks at @hopex (at The Official New York’s Hotel Pennsylvania page)

Rooftop farewell for @picspicspigs

Finally tried the vegan “Big Mac” from doomies. I feel like Louie C K doing a bang bang.


Loop Findr

Software developed by Collin Burger can automatically locate loops in video to create perfect GIFs - video embedded below:

Loop Findr is a tool that automatically finds loops in videos so you can turn them into seamless gifs.

Since their creation in 1987, animated GIFs have become one of the most popular means of expression on the Internet. They have evolved into their own artistic medium due to their ability to capture a particular feeling and the format’s portable nature. Loop Findr seeks to usher in a new era of seamless GIFs created from loops found in the videos the populate the Internet. Loop Findr is a tool that automatically finds these loops so users can turn them into GIFs that can then be shared all over the Web.

You can find out more background about the project here

There is also a loopfindr Tumblr blog which has examples and links to download the software (Mac only) here

Oh how I missed this sandwich from the old Flore cafe/ vegan spot.. Beef n cheddar from Flore vegan. 😍


Face Field Project

A collection of art experiments by Robert Woodley that explores the use of facial recognition technology.

The Face Synth (top GIF)

The Synth Face is a face plucked from the 60-dimensional Face Field. Use the sliders to navigate this field and retrieve other faces from its depth. Paint a face with the 60 brushes at your disposal.


The Anti Face (middle GIF)

The Anti Face is face recognition turned upside-down. After looking at an image, it creates a face as different from it as possible. It might change gender, age, expression.


The Face Spectrum (bottom GIF)

The Face Spectrum uses face recognition software to join rather than single out. It sorts all the faces in our database by their position in face space, by how similar they are in other words.
As the density of real faces in the Face Field increases the impact has improved and the spectrum of human faces emerges. This will only improve over time as people use the app to populate the database.


If you want to contribute your face to the database (and find your own Anti Face), you can use the Anti Face iOS app (which you can find here).

Here is just a selection of the experiments - if you want to find out more you can go to Robert’s website here


I’m kind of addicted to these bulgogi seitan skewers from @monksmeats